Drummers band

Here in Cnaan we know that producing events is a knowledge that makes it possible to create unforgettable moments!

The band of drummers and horns for events of Cnaan Events Productions can accommodate all types of events – Bar Mitzvah at the events hall, Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding and even corporate events and educational institutions.


A circle of drummers is no longer a passing trend, a circle of drummers from Cnaan Events Productions is the first attraction from which Cnaan Events Productions started its way – Cnaan began its journey with a circle of drummers in Jerusalem and then began to flourish with a circle of drummers all over the country. On the part of customers of a drummers' circle in Jerusalem, mostly thanks to the Torah scrolls at the Western Wall – Cnaan Events Productions received many good reviews about its activities, especially when it comes to the subject of drummers at the Western Wall. Cnaan's drummer team also provides an integral service of shofars for the wedding canopy, shofars for Torah scrolls and shofars for the Western Wall.


Shofars open the chimneys of the sky and during the blowing of the shofar, this is the perfect time to ask for requests.


The drummers' circle is a springboard for the event – the drumming of the drums produced by a professional and experienced drummers circle like Cnaan Events Productions is undoubtedly a unique energetic boost for happy events. It is definitely recommended to invite through Cnaan Events Productions Drummers Circle for a wedding, Drummers Circle for Bar Mitzvah, – A very attractive addition to the event will make your event unforgettable!


As the most experienced in the field of events, we recommend to our clients the Shofars for the entry of shofars to the wedding canopy and the entrance to Bar Mitzvah guests, accompanied by shofars, Torah scrolls and Torah Curtains.


At the end of the day, we will hold a ceremony of helium balloons in pink and white colors for the bride.


At the end of the day we distribute the helium balloons in blue and white colors to all the guests and they will blow them to the sky to blow the shofar.


We invite you to explore the many categories that appear at the top of the site, to watch a variety of videos, pictures and presentations to illustrate, to understand and know that thanks to Cnaan you can really celebrate an event, reach the desired day as an occasion for all intents and purposes and breathe a sigh of relief.

In pictures and videos documenting our activity at the events you can see how drummers and shofars add a lot more color to your event.


Are there special costumes for drummers and shofars?


Well, the ultimate color for costumes for drummers and shofars is definitely the white color – but there are also cases where you can vary with a black shirt and white pants or the opposite and even other shades – it's all a question of how you are inviting a service. Circle drummers are ready to break conventions and get out of the box


How many drummers are invited to the wedding?

This question is asked a lot when inviting a drummers band. The answer is a calculation of the number of guests: Give us information about how many guests you have in the event – For every 90 guests you will need an additional player to join a drummers' circle.

Can other musicians accompany a band of drummers and shofars when you invite a circle of drummers to the event?


Possible musicians as an addition to drummers and shofars at the event are special wind instruments: trumpet, saxophone, Zurna and more …

How much do shofars and drummers cost to bar mitzvahs?


The costs of drummers and shofars for bar mitzva vary according to the band, the more demand and the less sought-after band will demand less. Note that a good price will not determine the good work of a drummers circle for your event. Mood, vibes, professionalism, playing and leading guests.

For more information about drummers for events, call now or leave your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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