Bar Mitzvah in Safed

A celebration of Aliyah to the Torah not only in a regular synagogue and in a standard manner – this is the time to feel that you are truly celebrating! Safed is an ancient city in the northern region established at the end of the second millennium AD, the Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Safed, also called the capital of the Galilee, it is important to plan in detail because Safed is considered a city with a lot of history that is connected to the Jewish people, as well by parents who are interested in celebrating their son's Bar Mitzvah celebration, and now serves as a very special place for Bar Mitzvah celebrations, and it is our duty to convey during the special journey.


Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Safed is considered today as one of the exciting events that can be created for Bar Mitzvahs in Judaism in Israel and the world. Cnaan Events Productions will give you an unforgettable Bar Mitzvah celebration in Safed.


Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair and Binyamin HaTzadik – most of the pilgrims go to these burial and prayer centers, as well as the closure of the Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Safed with Cnaan, It will be possible to reserve a stop at one of these burial places in order to enhance the experience.


Bar Mitzvah production in Safed includes a visit to the recommended tourist sites in the city, including special surprises that only the Cnaan Events Productions team can offer – a team of musicians including saffron, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and more. Stringed instruments such as guitar, production team, transport crew, prestigious buses and a cantor for the ancient synagogue in Safed.


Bar Mitzvah production in Safed with Cnaan Events Productions is a journey rich in experiences and joy that will include songs and dance at the reception, running the guests on the way right in the bus with singing, music, small quizzes about the groom and the city of Safed and professional guidance by a professional guide that will give you information about the wonderful city to it we make the journey, and we can not forget the beautiful procession that we will conduct for you from the entrance of the city to the synagogue, at the end of which we will hold a ceremony for the distribution of balloons and from there to the Torah and the prayer. Accompanied by songs, musicians and a professional keyboard player.


After going up to the Torah we will advance to a restaurant where we will have lunch, through Cnaan Events Productions You can get a discounted price for a variety of quality restaurants.


During the celebration of your son's Bar Mitzvah in Safed, Cnaan Productions Events will arrange, discipline and professionalism of all the staff members who will participate in the long awaited day, make a good sense of the participants and create an experience so that all of your guests will feel that they have arrived on the journey only and thanks to your son's Bar Mitzvah celebration in Safed And not just another trip!


The Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Safed with Cnaan Events Productions will be an especially valuable experience for your son and we will give you the utmost attention to create for your son a memorable Bar Mitzvah ceremony, as well for all the guests.


Thanks to a reliable, professional, courteous and meticulous staff, we will produce for your son a journey with an unforgettable experience.


The concept we offer in honor of the trip to Safed is defined as a once-in-a-lifetime event. Throughout the journey, we will take care of small and large details and give the participants a variety of emotions throughout the journey!


Every part of the Bar Mitzvah event in Safed with Cnaan Events Productions is a new surprise – a boost of energy with drums and musicians, a boost of excitement to the sound of shofars and a hundred percent joy.


For more information about Bar Mitzvah in Safed, call +972 03-6547666 or leave your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information.

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