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Cnaan Events Productions displays a Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel with a visit to some of the most important tourist sites in the Jewish world and the Jewish religion.
Before we touch on your special program for your child, here is an accurate explanation of a bar mitzvah trip in Israel:
A Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel with Cnaan Events Productions is a trip whose whole purpose is to connect the Jewish tradition with the Bar Mitzvah boy who reached the age of 13.
Every year, every Thursday, Jewish communities all over the world take out the Torah scroll from the Temple and many Bar Mitzvah brides read the weekly Torah portion of the week.
In order to create a day of values and specials that your guests will not forget, Cnaan Events Productions presents you with a joyful day full of authentic Jewish spirituality and tradition:
Cnaan Events Productions will start the day with you at 8:00 am, at the meeting point – an innovative and prestigious bus awaits you at the pre-arranged meeting point and will take you to the next step on our trip. It is a rich and colorful breakfast accompanied by a reception with professional musicians and a musical guide, This morning on the bus, with songs, a detailed explanation of the Land of Israel and the Jewish people, and the places that are seen on the way, until our next step on a bar mitzvah trip to Israel –
You can choose where the bar mitzvah will be given to the Torah according to the following list:
Bar Mitzvah at the kotel
Bar Mitzvah in the Spanish Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem
Bar mitzvah in Safed
Bar Mitzvah at the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai on Mount Meron
Bar Mitzvah at the grave of Rabbi Abuhatzeira in Netivot
Bar mitzvah in the magnificent synagogue in Caesarea
Bar Mitzvah at the Magnificent Synagogue in Tel Aviv
Bar mitzvah in the magnificent synagogue
Bar mitzvah in the magnificent Georgian synagogue in Ashdod
Once we have reached the place of the Torah, we will start with a sweeping procession accompanied by the opening of shofars that will open the gates of heaven, live music, musicians, poetry and piyutim, and a special setting for bar mitzvahs, confetti guns and Israeli flags! Until the place of the Torah! At the end of the procession, we will clean the bar of your wishes for the Bar Mitzvah. We will close everyone's eyes during the shofar blowing and blow the balloons into the sky and enter the prayer compound!
After your Bar Mitzvah book has gone to the Torah, we will continue our way to a prestigious restaurant of your choice from an extensive list for lunch: At lunch, more musicians will be waiting for you to enjoy your time with songs and dances.

Bar Mitzvah in Israel with Cnaan Events Productions – an unforgettable experience!

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